Settling in at LLN

The arrival of an international student is an important and decisive moment for its integration within the UCL. Over the years, we have seen that a good reception facilitates a good integration, both academic and social. To welcome is to make the person who arrives feel secure and that they will be guided, accompanied, guided in their first steps.

During September, the CGEI has a stand on INFORVILLE from 9 am to 17 pm, next to the train station, The international students are guided on their first steps, and offered a secure place to store their luggage.


The first week of October The CGEI in partnership with the helpdesk and the Placet  organize a welcome party for new international students.

A little speech by the authorities, dinner and fun guaranteed for an evening full of new encounters.

For those students that come for the 2 semester we also have a Welcome party.


This party will take place on the first week of february.

A little speech by the authorities, dinner and fun guaranteed for an evening full of new encounters


1st Semester

2nd Semester

steps to follow

Three steps





enrolment at ucl

City hall


First Semester

Support service

The CGEI also has a support service for International students by international students.

If you wish to betake cared by another student for your first steps, you can contact us and tell us the day of your arrival, this service is completely free between mid-August and mid-October

Telephone hotline​

A hotline will be available 24h / 24h  from February 01st until 12.
For more information on the steps to be followed upon your arrival do not hesitate in looking at our video made by students for students.




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